Tuesday, September 9, 2008

LCWC#8 - My Cricut Version

It's LCWC#8 on my Pieces of Me blog this week. I thought I'd create a Cricut creation as well for this challenge. The challenge is to create a Halloween themed card, using this sketch. I turned the sketch on this project, and since I had some left over embossed thingies, I thought they'd go great on here. Using my Design Studio, I created the sentiment by welding the letters together, and adding a spider to the sentiment. I cut out the spider in black n' it's body in orange to give it a 3D layering. You can download the sentiment if you'd like. I've also included the body of the spider for exact fit, and an exact cut of the spider's full body to layer your spider in what ever color you want. On my "map" I note what colors I've used for each cut, this is not part of the file download.

Download Halloween Spider Sentiment

I went over the lettering with my black pen, because when I first glanced at the sentiment - the 2nd "l" in "Halloween" connected to the "o" actually looked like the letter "p".... anyways, I was too lazy to re-cut, but I did fix the file, so that the "o" was more noticeable n' not to be mistaken as a "p".... hahahaa...

Thanks for checking it out. Hope you liked it!!!



JackieLou said...

jen this is really great too. Man I wish I had a cricut....

Tracy.H said...

Very cute, Jen! :0)

Teri said...

So cute!! You're so creative sister!

Jodi said...

Great job Jen! This is a cute card!! I like the spider! =)

Deb Neerman said...

OMigosh, how cute is this?!?

LOVE it!


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