Friday, May 22, 2009

My Aloha RAK Creation for May 2009

Happy Aloha Friday, Sistahs... If you don't already know - it is now time to sign up for the Aloha RAK for the month of June. You may do so by checking out my Pieces of Me blog, and signing up here. When I accepted the Aloha RAK back from Tracy, I stated that I'd post a challenge each month for the RAK. I know I should've done my sample a lot earlier - but now I know, I will try and get my RAK done as soon as possible, so that I have a sample to share with all of you.

But anyways, here is my Aloha RAK creation for the month of May. I used my Cricut of course!!! =0) Am loving the new "Life is a Beach" cartridge, and used it on this one. It's a real cute cartridge.... for the month of May - I challenged the RAK'rs to create using the color combo I've posted here (above). I don't expect you to get the EXACT colors, so close enough is good is enough for me. Infact, it doesn't even need my approval - it's all for fun, and that's all I care about. The challenges are merely to help you motivate yourself, and give yourself an idea of what you might want to create for your receiver.

So this is what I came up with. =0) I glitterized that yummy wedge of orange, or is it supposed to be a lemon? LOL.... Took my lil' finger sponge, and sponged the edges of the cuts, to give a nice glow all around. This cut is actually the same cut that they've used in the actual "Life's A Beach" spiral manual that comes with the cartridge. Ya, did you know that every manual that the cartridge comes with, they feature a cute lil' project? I've never thought of trying it, until I seen this one - and it just caught my eye, so I had to make it. The one that shows in the manual tho' had the word "Luau" - I changed mines to say "YUM", thought it was perfect, for what this pouch holds is really YUMMY!!! =0)

Well, I hope my receiver will love what she gets from me. It was sure fun creating this. Along with this RAK, my instructions were to send 5 stamped images as well. Along with the stamped images, I also cut out some HK die cuts, using my Cricut Machine, and glammed them up with stickles. Another fun project.

Creating these RAKs were fun, but I feel so behind!!! Behind in what?! Well, I have this book of lists of projects to create, and they keep growing n' growing. LOL... sometimes, I have to cancel some of them because it's already too late to send, ya know?! I have to learn how to mass produce, and really get into making some things simple. So that is what I'm going to work on.

Well, I've been trying to get myself back up on my toes after fighting this really nasty cold. Went to the doctor today, and she instructed me to just treat my cough, as I don't have bronchitis, nor pneumonia (Thank You, Lord!!!!). So there you have it... a really nasty cough that doesn't want to go away. I really want it to go away for the sake of 2 things of my body... my throat for one, and my bladder!!! Do you know how many times I've made a little pee-pee when I've coughed?! I can't control it. Yep, my Gyno was right, I gotta work on those kegel excercises, or I'll be wearing depends in no time.

Summer has already approached for both my boys, so I have them home with me all day. I was talking with them yesterday, asking "what kinda fun things do you guys wanna do during this Summer?".... of course, the Waterpark was mentioned. Well, looks like we'll be hitting the beach, and parks, and other out doorsy activities, but I have to get better first. Don't want any accidents while out n' about. =0)

Anyways, today my real life sister, Nash goes home. Booo Hoooo... yesterday, she celebrated her birthday here with us, and I'm so grateful for that. Today, she goes back to the mainland... I'll be dropping her off soon. We have other visitors coming to Hawaii - the Kamanao's (The Boy's God Parents), coming in from Seattle - we went to see them in March as well... how funny that everyone we went to see, has come home to Hawaii to see us as well. =0)

Ok, I have to work on some stamping projects, so I can post to my Pieces of Me blog - LOL... I'm sooo excited, because I recently stumbled upon an awesome grafic artist that some of you probably already heard of, seen work of... but oh my - I can't wait!!!!

See you all later!!



Flossie's Follies said...

Yum, Yum, reminds me of Night at the Museum. Love the card and the kitties. Have a great weekend.

eunice said...

Everytime I see a cut from the new Lifes a Beach cartridge, I keep wanting to get it! Your pineapple cocktail card is great! And all those HK cuts! Amazing how you whip these things up so fast!

Scrappydew said...

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