Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ukulele Center Piece Boxes

Aloha... It's me Jen again... it's been almost a YEAR since posting to this blog. Sorry, I am not dead. Hmmm... that's not what I was trying to say. I had combined the projects from this blog with my other blog - Creating in Faith, Hope & Love, but then I decided to keep my Stampin' Up! projects entirely separate from my other projects. SO - everything that I created with (other than Stampin' Up!) will be found HERE!!!  Please be sure to follow, subscribe, and check back often, cause I'll have lots to share here. :)

Currently, my list of projects is filling up one sheet of paper (or at least it feels like it is, in my head). I am always "right on time" in making these projects, and I'd like to get ahead, if you know what I mean. Anyways, one of the projects I have in my mind to complete very soon, is this wedding I am working on for my neighbor. Her wedding is on July 3rd. But the thing is, I am going on a trip from June 14th - the 27th, so I'll be gone 2 weeks before her wedding. So, I'm trying to PUSH and finish everything that I committed to before I leave. UGH!! The crazy madness that is going on. Feels like I just need to be "Pau" ("finished" in Hawaii's slang) already. But just can't seem to be done. Always something new pops up that needs to be created. I'm not just talking about the wedding, but talking about other projects that needs to get done... graduations, birthdays, showers, baby birthdays.... all kine events... and then there is the daily house chores. LOL!! I know, you probably have the same amount of things to get done, except, maybe even a LONGER list of things.... being that I am a stay at home mom... most people think I have all the time in the world. But, it is what it is... I'm pressing on, and looking towards the goal of JESUS. He gives me the strength, and he guides me to where I need to be, when I need to finish, and what I need to do.

Ok, vent rant is over.

So... one of the things I'm doing for this wedding is making Ukuleles for her center piece. I found a cut on that was named "guitar", but really depicts an ukulele, since a guitar has 6 strings, and a uke has only 4 strings. So it worked out perfect!!!  Mary's instructional video is SO easy to follow, and as soon as I was done with one, I found the best way to make them (my way), and jammed from there. I was supposed to make 22 of these. Found out later that I only needed to make 20, but made the extras anyways. :)  The name of the set that this cut came from is called "Vintage Valentines". I already have another order of these. Gasp!! Was hoping to take a break after I'm done with them. But, the Lord directs my path... so I do as HE pleases!!!!

These here are a bunch of them when I was about a little more than half way through. They looked so good in the bin, and it felt so good that I was pumping them out. The cardstock that I used are all from Bazzill Basics. I used Walnut, Mocha Divine and Blank Check colors. All purchased from Something happened after I cut half of these... my eClips started acting up and I ended up purchasing a Silhouette Cameo 2 in the midst of this project. Disappointed that my eClips no longer worked, but thrilled that I was able to try out a new machine. So far, it is working to my advantage.

These here are the last 2 I worked on. Praise the LORD!!! Was so thrilled that I was done. But now I have heart tags that I need to work on and cut out on my Silhouette Cameo2. Will be posting those soon.

Hey, thanks for listening. I hope I have inspired you today with these ukulele's. The groom is a Worship Leader/Minister that I sing with at our bible study. So, it is really a blessing to be a part of this wedding in this way. The Lord brought us together for a reason, not only for this, but for many more that goes deeper into the heart.

Have a blessed day!!!

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