Friday, February 5, 2010

Panda Die Cut on SCAL

Hey there... here is a Panda cut that I made on the SCAL, which resembles the Panda Quikutz that is currently out on the market. This is one of the 1st cut I created with my SCAL, so I was utterly excited when it turned out soooooo cute!!!

Here is the QK version:

Requirements: SCAL Program

Email or comment here if you would like this cut file.



Joy said...

OOOHH! I love it! I Love Pandas and yours is just as cute as the QK one. I'm glad you're back creating, too. I stillhave to install my SCAL but I do have it.

Side note- went to the doctor and the girls there said they saw e on FB, on YOUR page formthe time you came on the show! So Funny!

Take Care and hope to see you again!


Andrea6760 said...

Hi Jen,

What an adorable Panda! You did a fantastic job. It is SO cute!

My daughter collects Pandas and I wanted to see if you could email me the file for SCAL.

My email is:

Thank you,

Fida said...

Hi Jen,

That's one cute Panda. You're really good creating cut files.

Fida said...

Hi again, forgot to ask for copy of cutfile. If you need my email addy: jadif at hawaii dot rr dot com.

Jocelyn said...

Hi There just blog hopping when i found your very cute panda, would love to have this file, its sooooo cute. thanks Jocelyn

Loving My Crafts said...

Hi Jen, do you have any idea why a downloaded cut file won't open in my DS please? I can see it there but the program won't open it. I've no idea what I'm doing wrong. My email is pswelford at bt internet .com
I've spaced it out in case of spam.

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