Saturday, June 25, 2016

Breakfast With Rina

My bestie, Rina has been called to serve her husband many years ago by becoming his wife. Never have she thought that she'd be serving him under the circumstances of his illness. But as our vow states, "in sickness and in health" - she stands firm, in Christ Jesus, planted in HIS solid rock of foundation and caring for her hubby, day in and day out, selflessly placing her own desires on the side for now, because her love for her husband shows her love for Christ is stronger than anything else, at this very moment. 

I was blessed to have been able to have breakfast with this sweet sister in Christ, and share some words of wisdom and encouragement as she continues her journey! We laughed, we cried and we laughed some more!!! Thank you, Jesus, for a blessed morning!!!! 

After breakfast with Rina, I headed into town to meet up with Chevy! We caught up with each other's lives and I purchased some leis from her store! 

I also went to see Ailene!! She hooked me up with a ton more leis... For FREE!! 
I'll post pics of those leis in another post. 

Hope your doing well. I should be back home shortly... So much more to share!!! 

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