Thursday, July 21, 2016

Monster Drink Cake

It has been a while.... some much has happened since the last time I've posted. We went on a trip, my son's girlfriend graduated from College and got her AA. We then went to Canada to celebrate, where my husband surprised us there, and where my son proposed to his girlfriend!! Went back to WA for another week, and returned home. Had a wedding on the Sunday the week we returned, my grandmother's funeral on the Tuesday after July 4th. **sigh** Crazy busy. Then we had a water leak in our wall - a flex hose that connected the water pipe to the faucet busted. Dry wall damage, floor damage, carpet damage.... now, we are in the works to renovate. Praise the Lord!!! I am thrilled, but am exhausted. The entire time, I have been battling some skin ailment.... not sure of what it is, but at one point, the itch was driving me bananas. I have gotten it under control via Prednisone, but not sure if after the pills are gone, if the itching will be back. I can feel it. Will have to let my doctor know, because the next step from here, would be to see a derm.

Anyways, with all that has been going on... haven't had much time to craft!!! This was the first project I've worked on since being back... my niece saw this idea on Pinterest, and asked for my help. I made it for her.... here's how it turned out. Didn't really put that much into it, but the paper n' cuttings came from my craft room. The letters were cut out on my eClips2. The pasted on with glue. That was pretty much it.

I've heard that there is a storm heading our way. Praying that it won't affect us too much. I bought so many things while I was on my trip. :)))) Want to make use of them and start using them. Looking forward to THAT!!!  Hope your week is going well.


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Jennifer Earley said...

Lots of info in this post! Congrats on the engagement, so sorry about your grandmas passing and pray the itching goes away soon! Love the can cake!

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